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Pear tree

Pear tree as well as apple tree can be found in the European landscape since ancient times. Cultivation of pear trees can be traced back to ancient Greece. Trees grow close to human dwellings and stand near homesteads producing sweet and juicy fruits.

It is a variety which can be grown practically in the whole Europe. Pear trees grow taller than apple trees; wild/ field specimens achieve a height of up to tens of meters. Leaves are intensely green and shining. Trees are long-living and live up to the age of 150 years. They bloom in May. The plant has low soil requirements.

Pear trees are considered to produce one of the tastiest fruits among fruit trees. This variety produces very different fruits. Fruits can be large, small, oval, extremely elongated, green or red. There is also a significant difference in the phase of maturation and storage capacities of fruits.