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Kiwiberry / Actinidia

Climber plants with twisting stems, relatively undemanding, resistant to diseases and pests, easy to grow, with good tolerance to urban conditions. The plant is dioecious: a female and male variety is required to produce fruits (1 male individual for around 7 female individuals). Leaves are of dark green colour and attractive. The plant blooms in June with creamy, small-sized flowers. It grows best in a fertile and moist soil in a sunny area. Actidinia kolomikta or variegated kiwi wine can withstand temperatures down to -30° C. Fruits are tasty, sweet, weight 3-20 g and can be eaten without peeling. Fruits are collected once they are fully ripe. Their colour, shape and size may vary depending on the variety. Fruits contain a lot of microelements and vitamins C,A,B,E,K (two ripe kiwi berries satisfy the need of an adult human for vitamin C). They boost the immune system and are widely used in cooking.