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Sour cherries

Fruits of this variety can be sour or sweet. They are juicy and tasty and are excellent for making preserves and liquors. They are also a favourite dessert fruit for many people. This variety stems from Asia. Suckering, local sokówka cherry tree and szklanka cherry tree are very common in Poland. Depending on variety, trees do not grow tall (Łutówka variety grows up to around 2 m tall), however there are varieties reaching a height of up to several meters. The tree blooms with white flowers from the end of April to the middle of May and bears fruits from the end of June to the beginning of August. Cherry tree varieties are mainly characterized by a high degree of resistance to low temperatures during winter. They can be affected by such diseases as cherry leaf spot, monilyosis. The most dangerous pest is a cherry fruit fly (commonly known as a worm). Problems can be also caused by aphids.