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Blackthorn, syn. Prunus spinosa (also called tarka, tarnik, ciernik in Polish) Low shrubby hedges, most often growing on the border of woods and fields on roadsides; this species loves light. Many people are deterred from it due to it unapproachable structure and thorns. However, it is worth to remember that this plant is very important for animals. It provides them with a place to stay and a source of food. The plant blooms with white flowers before it develops leaves in April. Fruits are violet, tiny and do not separate easily from the kernel. They are very sour and bitter and may make the tongue stiff. However, they are very valuable for making preserves. Fruits are valued in Germany, England, France as a raw material for tinctures and liquors Interesting fact: some of the birds of prey put their victims on the thorns of blackthorn in order to consume them with less effort.