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Apple tree

Apple is probably the most popular fruit in Poland. Almost everyone knows about the rich traditions of apple tree cultivation in Poland. People know at least several varieties and have their favourite ones.

Apple trees have been cultivated for around ten thousand years. Apple tree was one of the first domesticated plants. Currently there exist up to a dozen thousand varieties known in the world. 

Apple tree is a very well stablished variety in the European landscape. Many varieties are fully resistant to unfavourable weather conditions even during the coldest months.

There are many varieties of apple trees ranging from August to winter varieties which can be stored until the next season. Fruits range from small to huge, they can be red, green, yellow, with a slight, blurry blush. They can be sweet or sour, with greenish, whitish and even red flesh.

The aroma, colour of the flesh and unique taste of certain varieties of apples stay in people’s memory for a long time.

Apple trees have low soil requirements. They grow well in sandy soils and also in heavier clayey soils. Several- year-old trees have a good drought tolerance.

Apple trees are relatively easy to take care of. These plants can be recommended for many people at the beginning of their adventure with gardening.