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Why fruit plants?

  • Your own fruits.
    You can grow fruits you like most. By selecting species and varieties of different ripening periods, you can grow fresh fruit on your land plot from May/June (strawberries, cherries) until late autumn.
  • For your own health.
    Fruit from your land plot, often produced by ecological methods, are a source of many valuable vitamins, macro- and microelements.
  • Esthetical value.
    Fruit plants blossom nicely (for example, quince, Japanese quince), many of them have a pleasant smell while blooming. They bear fruit of different colors and shapes (for example, ornamental apple trees). In autumn, the leaves of fruit trees change their colour into beautiful shades.
  • Element of biodiversity.
    Fruit trees and shrubs blend excellently into our landscape. They are home to many species of animals, birds, insects as well as fungi and lichens.
  • Our own place.
    Orchards and gardens with fruit trees are a place of recreation. Often the gardens you made yourself are an excellent place for different activities or for relaxing “at home”.
  • Fruits.
    Fruits can be eaten raw, but you can also use them for making make a lot of delicacies. There are many other possibilities besides cakes, jams, juices, jellies, ciders, wines, liqueurs, additives for other dishes.